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What are you overlooking?

I was recently in conversation with a friend of mine who is new to the United States. She recently married and came from West Africa to join her husband.

We got to talking about her expectations for this new phase of her life… her hopes and her goals.

One area she is most apprehensive about was her career. She is looking for new opportunities that would meet her credentials.

I asked her what she does. She told me she practiced law.

A lawyer? WOW.

She said that unfortunately she would need further schooling and credentials to continue her practice here.

Well my gears got to turning and churning out new ideas (which it does about 98% of the time).

I got out a sheet of paper and brainstormed some opportunities that she could create for herself, whether it was to supplement her income while finding work, or something that she could grow into a full-time income with perseverance and time.

She is passionate about kids and families. Some ideas we came up with were as follows:

  • A book on helping families understand the adoption process.
  • A book on helping families understand the immigration and sponsorship process for loved ones overseas.
  • A blog that helps immigrants understand their rights as visa holders or permanent residents in the United States.
  • A course that helps individuals know their parental rights in a custody case.
  • Consulting for individuals or families who are currently looking to adopt or become foster parents.
  • A family-focused blog that markets books, magazines and courses on the subject.

We chatted for half an hour. I gave her the insight I have into growing and email list and income from online projects.

She finished that conversation relieved and somewhat hopeful. I finished it so satisfied that I could inspire an individual to try something new, to take a chance and grow something of their own.

And so, I’m writing you to ask you – what are you overlooking?

What’s that thing that you could turn into a fruitful, profitable, fulfilling career?

What can you do for hours?

What sets you apart?

Today, my only purpose for writing is to plant a seed, to get you thinking. My prayer is that inspiration will hit at the right time.

And when you’re ready, I’m here to help.

Happy Branding!


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