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What are you overlooking?

I was recently in conversation with a friend of mine who is new to the United States. She recently married

Now You Can Self Publish with Amazon CreateSpace

Amazon just keeps it coming! CreateSpace is the perfect option for freelancers, bloggers and digital publishers looking to get their

How to Cultivate + Maintain Great Synergy

Everybody’s talking about love ❤️ And with good reason. Love is a powerful thing. It drives people to be better,

Hidden Figures + The Undeniable Truth

Hidden Figures is exactly what the overachiever’s soul needs. It is for all the folks out there who sometimes feel

A Multidimensional Blessing

Allow me to be candid. Bringing you all fresh and dynamic content has been harder lately. This is for a

A Simple Plan for OWNING Your Brand

Are you sick of floundering in your personal and professional goals? Are you ready to reap the harvest of the

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