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I’m Ashley. The only thing wider than my hips is my mindset. The only thing bigger than my smile is my dream.

My dream is to be the person that delivers you into yours. 

I came to the United States from Liberia as a little girl knowing that God has set me on this earth for a specific purpose… that he did not spare my life just so I could be mediocre.

Through trials and hardship, through lessons and tests, through victories and miracles, I key into my own God-given anointing. I trust God’s Word over my life and the Promises available to me as his child. 

I want to be sure that you are walking in your promises too. This is my life’s work.

I come to you today armed with the truth about life – Anything is possible if you will keep believing.

Believe in who you are, and most of all, in the One who created you. 

I am a transformational coach and speaker that uses the Word of God and practical, realistic methods to encourage, empower + equip budding influencers like you to create a brand centered around who you are and what you believe.

Whether you are a blogger, an Internet or business mogul, a television or YouTube personality, a speaker or host (or simply aspire to be one of these things), I can work with you to birth your goals.

I can help you navigate the murky waters of self-engrandisment, self-promotion and desperate cries for attention and emerge as a grounded, centered being with a legendary brand and a tribe of people around you who are as unique and authentic as you.

How do I do this?

I use motivational messages via eBooks, audio + video to inspire. I host regular group coaching calls, workshops + self-study courses to give you practical tools to take your craft to the next level. All of our work is done from the inside, out… through your earnest evaluation of yourself and what exactly it is that you have to offer to the world.

I studied mass communication and spent the first seven years of my career building brands across the nonprofit, political and business fields. I coached and wrote speeches for politicians; I consulted CEOs on ways to set their brands apart; I raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

It was until I decided to move into God’s calling for my life that I stepped out from the background to deliver my own, unique messages of hope. And here we are today.

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