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A Multidimensional Blessing

Allow me to be candid.

Bringing you all fresh and dynamic content has been harder lately. This is for a couple of reasons. One – I am really working on myself; taking inventory of my strengths, weaknesses and what it is that I bring to the table. Two – This year I want to be more accountable than ever for what I deliver to you, how it applies to your life and the positive results it brings about.

Like I said, harder.

I’ve made some pivotal changes in my life, my career, my mindset. Those changes are yielding some positive change and making me a much better, more sane person.

Now for the matter of packaging it and delivering it to you, my tribe.

They said you can’t have it all… 

They lied.

You see, it’s easy to get caught up in dogma. To look up and realize you’ve designed your whole life around the opinions of others who may or may not have a life that looks anything like what you want. To realize that at some point down the line, you settled and started taking whatever was handed to you and have some major housecleaning to do to remove old, broken ideas. To stop focusing on all the “God stuff” in your life, and actually start focusing on God, what he’s saying to you and how he can guide you through this process.

Many would argue that this mindset is wrong, dangerous even. They would say that we should look to others that appear smarter or more spiritual than us to instruct us in every detail of how to live our lives. That thinking too hard, too deeply, too extensively about anything is a sin. That wanting things for your self and your life that they do not approve of will send you straight to hell.

Well I say those people are just plain wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

That life where we wait on God to do everything for us while simultaneously thinking we don’t deserve it – that life never gets anybody anywhere. Let’s start being real about who we are, what’s working and what’s not, and what we need to change to start being the best version of ourselves.

I wanna see you be brave.

I want to help you… not to start thinking like me, but to start forming your very own bold, life-changing ideas and opinions. I want to help you to rewrite your story based on practical principles I’ve developed along the way.

I want to help you become an overcomer, because that’s one thing I know about, if nothing else.

I overcame leaving Liberia to seek refuge from civil war as a little girl; I overcame losing my father suddenly and growing up fatherless in an impoverished midwestern neighborhood; I overcame every racial, socioeconomic and self-sabotaging obstacle that dared to stand in my way. I overcame by the grace of God.

I come to you today armed with this truth about life – Anything is possible if you will keep believing. Believe in who you are, and most of all, in the One who created you.

If you will join me on this journey, I think this could be a stellar year for all of us.

Are you with me?

I’m digging in to create courses and eBooks that will help us along the way, the first being a FREE eBook that’s debuting in February. “Come Out of Your Corner: Removing the Walls Blocking Your Destiny”  is an in-depth guide to getting out of all the dogma and stepping into your purpose and a more fulfilling life. Only thing is that you have to be subscribed to the BRANDwagon to get it for free.

Do that on the form below, get my Top 25 Free Brand-Building Resources, and you’ll be first to hear about the book’s debut.

Happy Branding,


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